Grid Legends Newest Racing Game by EA and Codemasters

July 23, 2021 at 3:48 AM in Gaming News with no comments

During the EA Play Live 2021 in July the newest racing game called GRID: Legends has been announced by Electronic Arts and Codemasters.

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Although Codemasters is now a part of EA, they still made another GRID game with GRID: Legends. The game will be available next year and can be played on the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.


GRID: Legends Key Features

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There is much at stake with GRID: Legends! Jump into the heart of all the action as you race at breakneck speeds in this motorsport action game. Enjoy the game’s story and try out the different races.

  • Epic Motorsport Story – Be captivated by the game’s racing story that offers a world-class cast. Each moment is documented with its relentless personalities, politics and so much more.
  • Thrilling Racing Variety – Offering the largest car roster of GRID! There are classic cars up to big rigs that you can fully customize. Get to drive them in more than 130 routes that include real locations like the Brands Hatch and more. Some historic GRID venues and other new locations will be available as well.
  • Endless Possibilities, Constant Competition – Create your own races as you make it more challenging with the different conditions that you can change. Choose from different races available like the electric car races, multi-class Eliminator races, dream drift runs and more. You can also challenge other players by bringing the race online or race on the other custom races available.

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