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GRIME Digital Download Price Comparison

What is a GRIME CD key?

It's a digital game code that allows you to download GRIME directly to your PC from the game's official platforms.

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Release date
August 2, 2021
Official website
Clover Bite
Akupara Games
Action RPG Indie Metroidvania Atmospheric Dark ... Souls-like

About this game

Matter collapses into itself you are born, your head is a formless black hole walking around with a body made entirely out of stone. Grime is a mix of souls like combat and itemization with the Exploration and progressions systems of a classic Metroidvania, explore this strange and surreal world you were just born in, meet a race of sentient rock people and living statues, discover your purpose in this vast and open world.

  • Although the game is fully in 2D the environments, the sprites, everything else is in 3D, appreciate the surreal and beautiful art style of the world, roam around the weeping caves, ancient landscapes, modern cities, and a desert littered with statues.
  • Countering an enemy’s attack is a major combat mechanic in Grime, make sure you exploit their telegraphed attacks, get combos going swap out again and again with your living weapons, once an enemy is close to dying absorb them with your black hole powers and execute them.
  • Absorbing enemies will also grant you quick healing and most importantly points to progress your skill tree different skill upgrades will have different monster absorption requirements, encouraging you to hunt for specific monsters.
  • Defeat a giant boss monster at the end of each biome, with unique and hard to master attacking patterns but when you do defeat them, you can absorb them and get a powerful new traversal ability, that you can use off and on combat, allowing you to access areas that you might not have been able to enter before.


Ultimately, Grime is an overall successful transposition of the 2D Soulslike subgenre into a new and engaging world. Although it lacks the emotional richness of the best Souls games, Grime’s striking environments, solid combat, imaginative enemies, and original mechanics all work together in harmony, and it clearly establishes a formula that is open to refinement and possibility.



Grime is an invigorating, fun, and challenging journey with a rather outlandish story and a great handle on action-RPG platforming and combat.


Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel i5 3470
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • HDD: 10 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce 960
  • DirectX: 10

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There are 32 offers ranging from $5.34 to $29.49.

EPIC GAMES KEY : Region Free / Worldwide. Requires Epic Games Launcher App in order to play the game. You need to create a free account here in order to download GRIME from Epic Plateform . Read the description on the store page about any language or country restrictions.
GOG.COM CD KEY : You need to register on Gog.com, then use the GOG Key to download and activate your game to play GRIME.
STEAM GIFT : A Steam gift is a one-time transfer you receive. You activate and install GRIME to play on Steam, it is a non-refundable game that stays in your Steam games collection. Please read the store description about any language or region restrictions.
North American STEAM GIFT : It’s a steam gift for North America which requires an North American IP address to activate and to play GRIME on Steam. Read carefully the store description about region and language restrictions.
STEAM CD KEY : Use the Steam Key Code on Steam Platform to download and play GRIME. You must login to your Steam Account or create one for free. Download the (Steam Client HERE). Then once you login, click Add a Game (located in the bottom Left corner) -> Activate a Product on Steam. There type in your CD Key and the game will be activated and added to your Steam account game library.
Standard Edition

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