Hearts Of Iron 4 Man The Guns Offers New Game Features!

February 27, 2019 at 6:58 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Hearts of Iron 4 Man the Guns

Paradox Interactive shared a new video for the expansion Hearts of Iron 4 Man The Guns. The video is quite long as it focuses on the new features that the game includes. The details presented is enough to hype up any fan of the game.

We get to see director Dan Lind talk about the 4 new focus trees available in the expansion. There will be a revamped version of the Americas and UK and there will be completely new ones for Mexico and the Netherlands. Also, players are now able to play as a government in exile or perhaps play as one. Some of the mechanics have also been changed and there had been additional features like for quality of life.

Get to watch the complete ‘Features Breakdown’ below:


This is only episode 1 and it talks about democracy. Episode 2 will be talking about the new naval features as well as the changes made in the expansion. No specific date was given for the next episode but that will surely be soon as the expansion is set to launch by next week.

Hearts of Iron 4 Man The Guns will be launching on February 28, 2019 available for PC.