Here’s What We Know About the Maneater Features

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Maneater Features

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The Maneater features have been shared by Tripwire Interactive and it is exciting to see what the game has to offer.

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The game comes with an interesting storyline, a huge open-world as well as deep role-playing elements. Players will start out as a baby bull shark who had lost his mother to shark hunters. You are forced to survive with just what you have which are your jaws and your wits. The game comes with a huge aquatic environment that is suitable for a baby shark to grow and evolve.

The subsurface world comes with varied environments like caverns, sunken wrecks, as well as hidden rifts. To grow from a baby shark, you must eat and food can come from different sources like fish, other underwater creatures or even humans.

The game is truly fascinating, you will surely enjoy the role of being a shark as you hunt for food and get your revenge on the humans that killed your mom.

maneater shark

Another thing that Maneater features that players will surely enjoy is its reward system and progression elements. As you do your thing, like hunt, feed, and explore, you will earn attribute points that you can use to evolve. This can be used for each part of your body to improve its function. You are even able to evolve into a megalodon if you wanted to.

Tripwire said that the game is strictly a single-player experience that will engage players from the beginning up until the end.

They wanted to push the feeling of playing as a shark to “new heights”.

Maneater is set to launch on May 22, 2020, for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.




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The gameplay and storyline of Maneater has been shared during PAX East 2020. It has been shared via a trailer that is amusing to watch.

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