Hilarious Guilt Trip For South Park Fractured But Whole Cheaters

October 24, 2017 at 7:42 PM in Gaming News with no comments

South Park Fractured But Whole Cheaters Cover


South Park Fractured But Whole Cheaters, will not get away with cheating. If you are thinking about cheating in the game, don’t! Not unless you would want to be told off by Cartman.


In the scene given in the video, you have to open a door to the basement that is password protected. In order to get the password, you must go to Cartman’s room which is located upstairs and look for his diary.

But if you are one of those players who would like to finish the game without going to the trouble of doing “unnecessary” stuff and just look things up in playthroughs, you will have an earful from Cartman. In this case, if you skip reading Cartman’s diary and just input the code to the locked door that leads to the secret lair of Coon and Friends, Cartman will appear and call you a cheater and a Tom Brady!

Cartman’s exact words are, “Hey, Tom Brady. You wanna play the game or do you just wanna be known as a smug cheating bitch for the rest of your life?”

If that won’t stop you from cheating, then I don’t know what will.

You can get to watch the short clip below:

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