Do Not Miss The Hitman 8th Elusive Target In Paris

August 6, 2016 at 10:37 PM in Gaming News with no comments
Hitman cover


The Hitman 8th Elusive Target is in Paris, don’t miss it!

Another Elusive Target has been announced. This time it is Hitman’s 8th elusive target. The location is in Paris, France. And as always, will only be there for a limited amount of time.

The target is called The Broker. His real name is Howard Moxon, an international antiquities dealer by profession. Moxon secretly funds terrorist organizations that is why he must be eliminated.

Hitman 8th Elusive Target

Also, Moxon has a very valuable item with him that you must retrieve! The Ivory White, an expensive egg-shaped artifact that is priced at £200 million. You must retrieve this valuable item as well.

So you must eliminate Moxon and retrieve the Ivory White in a limited period of time.

Get the specifics of this mission here:

Remember the target is only available for 72 hours. You must not waste anytime. Avoid any mistakes, elusive targets are only available at one time.



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