Hitman Elusive Target 16 Brings Agent 47 To Sapienza

December 18, 2016 at 6:46 PM in Gaming News with no comments
Hitman Elusive Target 16 Cover


In the Hitman Elusive Target 16, you will be going after ‘The Guru’. His name is Richard J. Magee, a self-help guru. What he does is he clings to wealthy people and milks them dry then abandons them. Right now, he has set his sights on Keith Keeble, a wealthy man due to his parent’s trust fund for him.

Your client as Agent 47, is the parents of Mr. Keeble. They know what The Guru is capable of but their son is totally brainwashed. They must save their son from this greedy being and they are seeking your help.

The family lawyer, Katherine Feller was able to set up a meeting with Mr. Keeble in Sapienza. Since this is regarding his trust fund, Mr. Keeble is sure to have Mr. Magee with him. It has been set. All Agent 47 has to do is to take out Mr. Magee!

Hitman The Guru

However, this assignment will have two fail conditions! Your client strongly requests that no harm of any kind will come to their son Keith Keeble and to their family lawyer, Katherine Feller. Unintentionally harming Mr. Keeble or Ms. Feller will result in an instant failed mission. Like with all the Elusive Targets, there are no second chances.

You must finish off the Elusive Target 16 ‘The Guru’ in a week’s time. Ending on December 23 8 AM ET / 5 AM PT.

For more details about the mission watch the video below:


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