Hitman Episode 2 Will Bring You To Italy

April 26, 2016 at 3:09 AM in Giveaways with no comments



Hitman episode 2 called Sapienza will be available on April 26, 2016.

A teaser trailer for Hitman’s second episode was recently released by Square Enix for their fans. The second episode named Sapienza wii bring Agent 47 to Italy with what looks like a mission to stop a biowarfare. Your target is Silvio Caruso who Square Enix describes as a “brilliant bio-engineer reportedly working on a DNA-specific virus able to infect anyone anywhere in the world.”

Watch and enjoy the minute long teaser that will basically give you the general idea of what to expect in the second episode.

The Sapienza update will offer you a lot of exploring as it will bring a totally new and huge level map that includes beaches, churches, a bio-lab and so much more.

The Hitman website also gave the highlights of the Sapienza update. This is what it will include:

  • A new story mission titled “World of Tomorrow”, along with 10 new Opportunities
  • 20 levels of Sapienza Mastery which also includes the following unlocks: 8 new starting locations (plus 1 additional location which has to be unlocked via a mission), 8 new Sapienza Agency Pickup Locations, and 6 new weapons/gear unlock
  • A new suit for Agent 47: Italian Suit
  • More than 75 challenges specific only to Sapienza
  • PS4 Exclusive: New ‘The Sarajevo Six’ Contract. Target 2: The Enforcer

And for the Sapienza Live Content, this is what you will get:

  • New Escalation Contracts
  • Elusive Targets
  • New Featured Contracts (in Contracts Mode).