Hitman Sapienza 360 Degree Interactive Tour

April 27, 2016 at 7:35 PM in Gaming News with no comments



Tour Hitman Sapienza in a 4K 360 degree perspective.

Hitman Sapienza has been recently released. This is the second episode from Hitman, the first episode was Hitman: Paris. Sapienza brings Agent 47 to the scenic country of Italy. With this recent release, an interactive 4K 360 degree video of Sapienza was uploaded in the official Hitman YouTube channel, giving you a scenic view of the sunny city.

This interactive video will give you a virtual tour of the town of Sapienza. Being able to explore the beautiful beaches, picturesque town center as well as other locations that you will encounter in the city like a cafe as well as the dock. The video is complete with a reporter describing the town for you like a tour guide.

Navigate the video by dragging or clicking your mouse across the video. If using a mobile device you can either use your fingers and drag at the screen or if your mobile device is equipped with gyroscope tracking you can simply move your mobile device to the direction of what you would want to view.

Get to experience your Sapienza tour here!

Hitman Sapienza was launched on April 26, 2016 and it is available to play for PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One. If you have purchased the Hitman Full Experience, you will automatically get Sapienza as well as the other succeeding episodes as part of the bundle. If you bought the Hitman Intro Pack, you must purchase the Upgrade Pack to get Sapienza as well as the other future episodes.



Hitman Episode 2 Takes You to Italy!

Get to know what the all new Sapienza map offers as well as the additional content Hitman 2 will serve to the table! Ready to be launched on April 26th!