Hogwarts Legacy 4K Cinematic Trailer

January 24, 2023 at 9:08 PM in Gaming News with no comments

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Hogwarts Legacy has a new cinematic trailer in 4K. The game has been inspired by the Harry Potter saga but has a completely different story.

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New trailer for Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy, the most anticipated RPG in 2023  

The new trailer is more than a minute long and it starts out with an owl carrying a message. The owl passes through a lot of interesting things before delivering the message that it is carrying. We get to see the ghostly Nearly Headless Nick, as well as, Professor Weasley trying to calm the students. The messenger then flies through the forbidden forest that has a lot of acromantulas, then glides through a wizard trying to overpower a hippogriff as well as a group of wizards battling a fire-breathing dragon. The owl then reaches its destination to deliver a message which we assume to be an invitation to join the wizardry school. As the scroll is being opened by the intended recipient, we hear the voice-over say “Your legacy begins now”.


The trailer is stunningly shown in 4K. It lets us go through the Harry Potter world in a different way.

Although the game is set in the universe that JK Rowling created, the story will be completely different than that of the books or the films.

Players are able to create their own characters as well as grow in an open world and are not required to follow a precise story.

The game offers a lot of exploration with lots of quests that are related to the main story. There are also a lot of secondary objectives that are set around some popular locations of the franchise.

Just recently leaks of the quests were shared with the published game’s art book.

The art book’s content caused a commotion among the franchise’s fans and created assumptions about how long the game actually is.

Hogwarts Legacy is about $60 dollars on Steam and some fans are wanting to know more information about it to know if it is worth it. Others on the other hand are trying to avoid any spoilers.

What we are sure of though is that Hogwarts Legacy is surely one of the most-anticipated games around, especially for those who are fans of the franchise.


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