Hogwarts Legacy Talents

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Hogwarts Legacy will let you choose your talents, however, you have to choose them wisely as you won’t be able to rest them at the moment.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Choose Your Talents Carefully  

Key Facts

  • Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.
  • There are five talent categories to put points into.
  • Right now, there isn’t a way to reset your talents once the points for it has been used.



The launch of Hogwarts Legacy is almost here and some details about the game’s talents have been shared. Talents are used to level up your wizard, you earn points in the game that you can use toward your talents.

  Hogwarts Legacy PC  

Hogwarts Legacy is like any RPG as you would need to earn points so that you could use them towards talents as you level up your character.

There are five categories for talents in Hogwarts Legacy, as of right now we know three of them.


Hogwarts Legacy Talent Categories:

  • Core
  • Stealth
  • Room of Requirement

According to Taylor “HogwartsInsider” Liddell on Reddit, players should choose their talents carefully as there is no way of resetting it when he tested the game.

There could be a way to reset the talents in the game, but Taylor may have not found it yet. Right now, you have to double-think what talent to boost and make sure you are very happy with your choice.

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