Horizon Forbidden West DLC And Online Store Leaked

February 28, 2022 at 2:37 AM in Gaming News with no comments

It could be possible that Horizon Forbidden West is getting a DLC plus an online store where you could get the DLC. The leak came from the VSC Rating Board.

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Horizon Forbidden West is proving to be a popular game just like the first game Horizon Zero Dawn. The game comes with the same gameplay as well as the same main character.

Zero Dawn got a DLC right after its release, so most possibly, Forbidden West will also get a DLC very soon.

This brings us to the leak we’ve seen which states that the statement above is true.

  horizon forbidden west dlc leaked  

The VSC Rating Board posted a tweet that came with a video where it talks about Horizon Forbidden West and the age rating that it has gotten. The host in the video said that “an online store and DLC expansions” for the game will be available (check 1:19 mark). The mentioned online store is where the DLCs and other future content for the game will be available.

  horizon forbidden west dlc and online store leak  

Those who are already playing Horizon Forbidden West are aware that there is no online store for the name nor does it have a DLC at the moment. There are no announcements about it as well from Sony and Guerilla Games.

According to r/GamingLeaksAndRumours on Reddit, Xawfire said that the VSC Rating Board’s leak is “legit” because “it is an administrator of the PEGI system in charge of rating videogames in Europe.”


A DLC for Horizon Forbidden West is not at all a surprise, it is just a matter of when it will be arriving. The online store though is something different. To make sure that all these are true, we have to wait for the official announcement for it.


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