How Long Can You Survive In Impact Winter?

March 20, 2017 at 9:01 PM in Gaming News with no comments


Survive the cold, desolate and apocalyptic world of Impact Winter

A new survival adventure game by Mojo Bones called Impact Winter and will come to PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this coming April 12. This is a survival game that will test your limits with the cold.

Earth has experienced an asteroidal collision which left an endless snowfall. You will play as Jacob Solomon who finds himself taking the leadership of a makeshift team. You and your team must survive these harsh condition.

A radio transmission reaches you and your team, saying that help will arrive in 30 days. So as a leader your goal is to provide for your team and keep them alive until the rescue. Strategy is a key element in the game, think of things to lessen the number of days in the Rescue Timer. Use the individual skills of your team in order to survive the harsh, icy world. This is a survival video game that is quite different from the others.

You can watch the gameplay video here:

Preordering the game on Steam is now available. Pre-orders include the game’s exclusive soundtrack and the original game soundtrack which was composed by Mitch Murder.