How to Redeem a Download Code for Nintendo Switch

August 23, 2020 at 11:25 PM in Activation, FAQ, Nintendo eShop with no comments

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  How to redeem a Digital code for Nintendo Switch  

Quick Guide:


Web (browser)


1. Sign in or create and account on

2. Enter your 16-digit game code in the space provided and hit on Next.

3. Enter your Nintendo Account password again then click on Redeem.

4. You will get an email confirming your activation and you will now see the game on your account and is ready for download.




1. On your Nintendo Switch, go to the Nintendo eShop.

2. Choose which account you would want to add the game to.

3. Select Enter Code at the left side of the screen and press A.

4. Enter your 16-digit code then select OK.

5. You are now able to see your game on the HOME menu and is ready to be downloaded.


Why is my Switch game code not working?


What if you followed the steps accurately, but your key is still not working?

The problem may be in entering the key.

The codes are 16 digit characters long which are a mix of numbers and letters.


Recheck the code and make sure that you don’t miss any digit.

Also, make sure that you are able to differentiate your 0 (zero) and O, Q and D (letter), 1 and the capital letter i, B and 8, G and 6… and so on.


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