How To Use The Epic Games Launcher To Download Games

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Updated 08/20/2020


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One of Steam’s major competitors is the Epic Games Store which just launched recently, specifically on December of 2018. So, just like Steam they do sell PC games plus a lot of exclusive games. In addition to this is the free games they give away every couple of weeks.

They also have their very own game Launcher where you are able to purchase as well as download a wide variety of games, stay connected with friends and so much more.

If you would want to know how you can download your purchased game from their launcher, we have the steps here for you.





1. Click on GET EPIC GAMES right beside the Sign Up button on to get the EPIC GAMES LAUNCHER.


2. Select the SIGN IN button at the top-right corner of the game and create your account by following the sign up process.

Epic Games Sign In


3. Sign in once the launcher is open. Click on your PROFILE NAME then select REDEEM CODE.


Epic Games Redeem Code


4. Type in the code and click on REDEEM. You can check your game in the LAUNCHER LIBRARY and download it from there.


Epic Games Redeem Your Product


Why is my Epic Games code not working?


What if you followed the steps accurately, but your key is still not working?

The problem may be in entering the key.

The game code has 20 digit characters that are grouped into 5 and are separated by dashes.


Recheck the code and make sure that you don’t miss any digit.

Also, make sure that you are able to differentiate your 0 (zero) and O, Q and D (letter), 1 and the capital letter i, B and 8, G and 6… and so on.


*In case you would need more assistance and would have other questions please send us an email at, we are happy to be of help!