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HYPERCHARGE Unboxed Nintendo Switch Digital & Box Price Comparison

What Is the HYPERCHARGE Unboxed Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download HYPERCHARGE Unboxed directly to your Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo Eshop.

How Can I Find the Lowest Price for HYPERCHARGE Unboxed on Nintendo Switch?

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Release date
January 31, 2020
Official website

About this game

Play HYPERCHARGED: Unboxed and feel the nostalgia once more of the toy memory aisle and prepare to be filled with fun memories from once forgotten toys. This game features a cooperative third-person/first-person shooter set in suburban home maps.

  • Fight other players as action figures. Choose from a huge character pool, from Sgt. Max Ammo to Doctor Danger
  • Customize your own character!
  • Explore different places, non-stop combat and construct defenses.
  • Battle it out in usual home spaces like bedrooms and garages or even a toy store!
  • Complete the mission of Sgt. Max Ammo and prevent the complete annihilation of the HYPER-CORE!
  • Find and equip different items for your advantage such as batteries (which are used to power turrets), attachments (which enhances a weapon) and credits (which are useful for creating defenses)


It’s fun to look at and more fun to play — especially with gyro controls. If you’ve been seeking a new FPS adventure on Switch, give Hypercharge Unboxed a shot.

Hardcore Gamer


There is a lot to like about HYPERCHARGE Unboxed and it combines many elements to offer the variety of a rich kid’s toy box. Its dependence on online multiplayer could be its downfall, but here’s to hoping the community gets behind it.

Switch Player


If you consider the fairly sparse selection of FPS titles on the Switch, Hypercharge: Unboxed is a genuinely tempting prospect, boasting solid gameplay that is an absolute blast with friends. There are a few issues with the gameplay that may need addressing with patches, and as a whole the game feels like a bit of a walk in the park for the most part, but otherwise it’s an impressive, unique title that you’d do well to check out.

Nintendo Life

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There is 1 offer at $19.99.

NINTENDO GAME CODE USA : This is HYPERCHARGE Unboxed Nintendo Switch Digital Game Code for Nintendo US Account. Use the Download Code on the Nintendo eShop of your Console. Once connected to the Nintendo eShop, you can enter and redeem the Download Code. Read carefully the store description about any language and region restrictions.
Standard Edition

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