iDom Wins Capcom Cup 2019

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Capcom Cup 2019 Champion: iDom  

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The Capcom Cup 2019 recently concluded over the weekend at the Novo Theater in Los Angeles California. During this event 32 of the best Street Fighter 5 players competed to be named as champion as well as winning the top prize!

Right before the main event, a Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) had been held in order to complete the roster for the Capcom Cup 2019. After several matches, Moke from Japan went face to face with Commander Jesse in the LCQ Grand Finals. Moke won with 3-0 and moved on to the main event.

Capcom 2019 probably is the most exciting event for Street Fighter 5. Prior to the Grand Finals, there had been a lot of upsets like players leading with a 2-0 getting reverse swept and fan favorites not even making it to top 16 (like Gachikin). During the Capcom Cup 2019 Grand Finals, the top player at the Capcom Pro Tour Punk (USA) faced iDom (USA) who is relatively unknown and is unsponsored.


Early on, things looked a little pale for iDom as Punk won 2 straight games using Cammy, iDom stuck with his character Laura and won the next game which shifted the momentum. Punk, later on, switched characters and chose Karin but still lost two more games, which then reset the brackets.

Having both players at the Losers Bracket, the first player to win 3 games will be the champion. iDom’s momentum is still strong at the reset winning two straight games. Punk managed to win the next game. iDom changed his character to Poison, while Punk no longer had chances for any character changes. iDom finishes the tournament with a 3-1 win.

An exhilarating end to the Capcom Cup 2019 with the deserving champion being named – Derek ‘iDom’ Ruffin.

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