Imperator Rome Will Have Advanced Modding Tools In Game!

March 22, 2019 at 10:17 PM in Digital Download News with no comments
Imperator Rome

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Paradox Interactive announced that Imperator Rome will have advanced modding tools, in fact, it will be the most advanced in any Paradox Games. This is seen in the fourth episode of The Building of Rome. You get to see a wide range of powerful modding tools that can be used in the game.

Johan Anderson, the game director explains that they will provide “the most advanced modding tools you’ve ever seen in a Paradox game.” The tools provided will actually give players the power to fully customize their experience in the game. This includes changing the game details like the province layout or using a powerful modding language that will allow you to do basically anything you want on the game.

Get to watch the complete video below:


And also, if you weren’t able to catch the other three videos, we’ve provided that for you below. Episode 1 gives you a game overview of Imperator Rome. Episode 2 is all about the game’s historical setting. Lastly, Episode 3 features the games visuals and art style.


Imperator Rome will be launching on April 25 for PC. If you pre-purchase the game, you will get the exclusive Epirus Flavor Pack that includes 2 unique models, an additional music track plus some other goodies. Also, if you own the game Europa Universalis 4, you instantly get the Imperator Unit Pack instantly. In order to do this, you should connect a Paradox account to your Steam account.


Imperator: Rome To Launch On April 25, 2019

Avalanche Studios announced that their game Imperator Rome will be launching on April 25th.