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Are you an amazing player, but doubt your skills and are not sure if you can go professional? Well, here are some tips from pro esports coaches and pro gamers that you can try out!

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Professional gamers are paid to what they love, that in itself is reason enough to go professional. Before, nobody would ever dream of a gamer being a profession, but now it is and the pros get paid handsomely like athletes in major sports leagues.

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Great examples are Johan “N0tail” Sundstein and Vincent “Biofrost” Wang who were able to purchase their own houses before reaching the age of 30! However, that didn’t happen overnight as they had the appropriate facilities to train with their team. They also had professional coaches that made sure they train and master their chosen field.

You may argue that they are playing for high-tier competitions that have huge price pools. As mentioned, things do not happen overnight. You can start with low-tier or even casual tournaments. These may not pay as high, but you can get a following or do streaming to earn money. If you get well known enough, perhaps you can get discovered by an esports team. You can also consider applying for esports scholarships which is now a thing.




You may think that you don’t need a coach since you are able to practice by yourself and you can easily understand and learn strategies. However, like anybody else, there is a point where you will feel stuck and don’t know what to do. This is where a coach will be very useful.

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The benefit of having a coach is that he is able to see things that you don’t. Feedback will be available when you do something wrong and tips on how to improve will be given. Coaches make sure that you reach your optimal gaming capacity. Some coaches also make sure that your mind and body are up to the task. They are able to teach you how to meal plan as well as keeping you fit even though playing video games is a sitting activity.


Esports Coaching: Where To Start!


Gamer Sensei

There is a lot of esports training and online classes available. Right now though, the most popular are online classes since a lot of us are in lockdown. One of the most popular is Gamer Sensei. The coaches on this site go through a five-step application process to make sure that they have a quality roster. One of their coaches is Harry “Darz” Darwin. He is a Fortnite esports player as well as the head coach for Pro Team Enterprise Gaming.

With Darz’s impressive CV, he is one of the site’s premium coaches. An article in The Mancunion will give you a general idea of how he teaches. He also only teaches in English, but there are a lot of other coaches in Gamer Sensei that are able to speak different languages. The classes available are for 23 esports games some of which are League of Legends, CS:GO and DOTA 2.

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Skill Capped

Another esports coaching company that is popular right now is Skill Capped. This company comes with 55 coaches as well as about 300 courses in League of Legends, Valorant and World of Warcraft, the three major esports games at the moment. Check out the reviews for this company on Reddit or on YouTube, here’s an example.

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Williams Esports Academy

The Williams Esports Academy offers esports coaching for a specific genre which is racing. Their lineup of coaches includes Moreno Sirica (iRacing Porsche Sprint Challenge race winner) and Álvaro Carretón (Top 10 F1 Esports 2019). The site comes with a lot of bilingual coaches and offers one-on-one classes. Payment is on the premium side but you are sure to get quality coaching. If you are lucky enough, you can get in with a coupon code entry.




GamerzClass is quickly becoming popular because of its roster of coaches that are pro gamers. They have the best coaches for DOTA 2, FIFA, CS:GO and League of Legends. They have a masterclass from Johan “NOtail” Sundstein who is a popular DOTA legend. You can watch parts of the masterclass here.

There are various coaching platforms available and it depends on the game. There are live sessions as well as masterclasses. As of the moment, they do have one-on-one classes but for FIFA only.

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L2p League

According to TrustPilot the rating of L2p League is 4.9 and what makes them special is that they offer team coaching for League of Legends. This is a great start if you are just starting an esports team but don’t have the budget for a coach that is full-time. They also have great flexibility with multiple languages and offering schedules on different timezones.

  L2p League Team Coaching

If you are planning to go pro, would you consider hiring an esports coach?

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