In Becoming a Pro Gamer: Lessening Chances of Hand Injuries

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Want to become a pro gamer? However, hand injuries getting in the way of your dream because of repetitive movements? Then this article is for you!

By      Nathalie    Veena

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The daily gaming practices that you are doing in order to reach your dream could be causing you injury. An example of this is playing 10 hours straight each day without taking proper breaks.


Just this year, NBC News reported that Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparatto has retired from competitive esports because of repetitive hand strains. He is only 25 years old. ZooMaa did have surgery to fix his problem but the injury came back, and he can no longer play optimally.


It’s so sad to see a pro esports gamer retire because of physical injuries. Not only are thumb and wrist pain common injuries for pro gamers, also gamer’s elbow as well as chronic back pain. Not being at your best when playing will always give your opponent the upper hand.

Here are some ways on how to reduce the risks:


Schedule Breaks


Having that winning streak is as important as taking breaks when gaming. Some won’t even give themselves time to eat when they are on a roll, but there are ingenious inventions for this that are available. You have to realize that not taking regular breaks is the cause of injury as well as tiredness.

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Of course, what we are talking about is taking breaks from gaming and not taking a break from your regular household chores so that you can play longer. We all know that playing games can be addicting as compared to doing chores. The intense repetitive movements that your fingers do when playing video games especially esports games make it susceptible to strain and then injury. The hand movements that you do when doing chores are not the same.

If you have someone doing the chores for you, a good way to spend your breaks is to do simple exercises to help your hands. We are emphasizing the word “simple” because we want to avoid getting injured further.


Exercises and Stretches

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One good stretch to do for your back is the Dead Hang. This will stretch and strengthen your back as well as align your head and lower body. Most gamers are susceptible to Kyphosis when playing video games and having bad posture. This is when your body is slouching and your head is set forward towards your screen.

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Hand pain can be relieved with finger and wrist stretches. An article from Redbull shares 7 different hand exercises that videogamers can do to avoid strain and injury. A video from Esports Healthcare is available below for the hand exercises.



Get Treatment


If you are already experiencing hand pain from playing video games, which you probably are since this article caught your attention. You don’t have to worry as most strains do tend to heal themselves in time.

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Normally strains do sort themselves out, however, if it does come back often, you would have to make some changes in what you are doing. You wouldn’t want to get injured early on before reaching your goal as a pro esports gamer!

An option is to wear a wrist brace specifically for gamers. You wouldn’t want to wear this in a tournament, but if you are just practicing at home, it is a good idea to wear one. A brace that is designed specifically for gamers is the one from BraceAbility.

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If the pain is hard to bear, taking anti-inflammatory medication is another option. But we do suggest that you take the breaks from gaming, then the stretches rather than relying on medication.

Home remedies are good and all but you must know when to go to the doctor to be checked. And by doctor, what we do mean is a doctor in the hospital and now Dr. Rick Trager of Outlast.

Playing smart is about winning as well as keeping yourself fit that you can get more winnings and would not be forced to retire early. You wouldn’t want to get a Gamer’s Thumb when New World launches next month or any other game coming this 2021.


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