Introducing The Moon Dragons In Total War Warhammer 2 Trailer

September 14, 2017 at 5:40 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Total War Warhammer 2    

A new Total War Warhammer 2 trailer introduces the Moon Dragons.

The Moon Dragons are “mature, wise, enlightened, and mighty” creatures. They are of the “Middling Age”, out of all the dragons, the most ancient of which are the Star Dragons. They are found in the deep caverns of the Dragon Spine Mountains in the Calendor Region of Utahm. They fight along with the High Elves and are very valuable to them since they can breathe out fire.

Watch the video below, it is just about two minutes long and it will show you how the Moon Dragon was rendered and as well as a few clips of dragon battles.

Get to command these magnificent creatures when you play as the High Elves in Total War Warhammer 2.

Available for PC, Total War Warhammer 2 officially launches on September 28.

Are you excited to command the mighty Moon Dragons? Tell us in the comments below.


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