Is Battlefield 2042 Dying?

April 16, 2022 at 8:01 AM in Gaming News with no comments

As of the moment, Battlefield 2042 is at an all-time low in concurrent player counts on Steam dropping below 1,000 players.

By    Daniel  |  Veena

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The past few months had been bad for Battlefield 2042 because EA and DICE were not able to meet the concerns of the players.

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The game had regular glitches, poor design choices, and content roll-backs that dismayed a lot of its players.

The player count of games is important, especially in multiplayer-based experiences. With Battlefield 2042 dropping below 1,000 concurrent players on Steam, it is a clear sign that it has a lot of problems.

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Each day since April 11, the game was able to get lower than 1,000 players. The lowest was on April 13 which had been a player count of only 832.

To compare, Battlefield 5 was able to get 18,000 concurrent players and not lower than 2,000 players in the same timeframe.

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What is currently happening in the game may not come as a surprise to some because there were some bad decisions made in the game like removing the endgame scoreboard and the voice chat because DICE considers it to be “too toxic.”

What Battlefield 2042 is telling us is that DICE and EA are sort of out of touch with their own franchise, players and the shooting genre as a whole.


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