It Takes Two, a Unique Co-Op Adventure Now Available

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The game It Takes Two teaches us that we can overcome any challenges if we work together. Go ahead and ask a friend to enjoy this co-op only, genre-bending platformer adventure.

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What is It Takes Two?


It Takes Two is a platformer adventure game that is co-op only, which means that you have to play this with a friend. The game features a unique variety of gameplay that is integrated into the game’s story. An exciting adventure awaits in either couch gameplay or online with a friend. The game definitely set a new standard in co-op innovation. It Takes Two is now available for the Xbox One as well as the Xbox Series X|S.

Get to play as Cody and May, a couple that has been estranged and must work together and overcomes their differences to survive the strange world that they are in.


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“We’ve created something completely new here that the co-op genre won’t know what hit it,” said Josef Fares, founder and game director at Hazelight Studios. “At some points the game makes you laugh, at others it gets very emotional, and then again there are moments when your pulse races because the gameplay is just so fast-paced. The game has it all, and we can’t wait to hear what fans have to say about it.”


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Cody and May have been transformed into dolls and they have to go through strange yet whimsical challenges. Each level is unpredictable making a unique and metaphorical gameplay experience. It shares a story about relationships wherein which Cody and May who are on the brink of divorce must save their marriage.

Every obstacle is unique like a nightclub that badly needs a DJ, runaway vacuum cleaners, opinionated yet charming love gurus and so much more that makes for a funny and full-hearted experience.


It Takes Two Q and A with Josef Fares



It Takes Two seems like a charming game that is easy to love. Grab your copies with us here at for the best price available.

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