January 2018 Top Selling Games In The US

February 23, 2018 at 9:18 PM in Gaming News with no comments
January 2018 Top Selling Games


Let’s look at how January 2018 fared in the gaming industry US sales. The group responsible for the list is NPD. Basing on their report, everything is positive with the statistics rising compared to last year’s report. These numbers include console sales to top selling games.

This year, video game sales reached $517 million which is 51% higher as compared to January 2017. The console unit sales had a 119% increase gaining $278 million last month. The NPD group did not say which the winning console was, however, it was a tight race between PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch only having a 3% difference for whichever is at the bottom. And to top it all off the US closed at 1.1 billion in video game spending a 59% improvement from 2017.

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