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Presenting the Top 10 best video games here this 2023.

We will be sharing with you the top PC games each week of January 2023. We will also be providing the best deals that are available for each game.

Our top 10 video games each week will be based on the number of page visits to our site. Each game will be presented with promo codes to show you the best possible deal for the game.

We have games from different categories like multiplayer, single-player, war, survival, car games, strategy, horror, upcoming, and new video games.

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  top 10 best pc games 2023  

Top 10 Best PC Games This January 2023


We have for you the top 10 PC games for the month of January 2023. Offering the best deal for each game with the current promo codes from each online store that you can get the cheapest deal available.


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  Hogwarts Legacy PC the most anticipated game of early 2023  

Hogwarts Legacy could be the best game in the Harry Potter saga. Early reviews of it had been revealed and fans are surely going to enjoy it. This is true even though a lot of the game’s secrets have been leaked.

Get early access with the game’s Standard and Deluxe versions for more than 25% off.

  Red Dead Redemption 2 still on sale  

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been on and of this list for about three years now which is amazing for the game.

It is now available on Steam for 67% off until February 2. If you missed it, it is 80% off with CD Keys.

  Forspoken is a New PC Game 2023  

In third place is Forspoken. The game is one of the biggest video game releases of the year. Get to play as Frey, a young city girl from New York who gets transported to the magical world of Athia. Frey has a bracelet that is able to give her magical abilities as well as parkour skills.

The kingdom of Athia is being tormented by an evil mist that is turning its inhabitants into monsters, and only Frey can help them.

Right now Forspoken is $79.99 on Steam and Epic Games. It is cheaper by 40% on our price comparison tool.

  TOTY 2023 election in FIFA 23  

The TOTY 23 FUT pack had been launched on January 26. This comes with the best players of FIFA 23 in 2022.

It is still missing the 12th man, so voting is still open. You can choose between Erling Haaland (Man City), Federico Valverde (Real Madrid), and João Cancelo (Man City).

FIFA 23 is available for $27.99 until this February. You can also buy a $25 EA gift card or Steam card so that you can have a few more dollars off when you make your purchase.

  A Steam Card to buy Modern Warfare 2  

A COD: Modern Warfare 2 poll had been opened this week as players had been mad about the removal of some maps in the game. The poll on Twitter had players vote for the possible return of Shoot the Ship, Shipment, and Shoothouse. All three maps were popular with gamers because of the frags and fast progression.

  Elden Ring is the Game of the Year 2022  

Elden Ring is the best PC game of 2022 and is served as an inspiration to a lot even outside the world of video games.

The artistic director of the House of Schiaparelli had been inspired by Elden Ring during the last fashion week. Fans of the game are however wondering about the game’s future DLC instead of the latest trends in fashion.

Lance McDonald, a trusted insider recently said that a huge Elden Ring DLC will be available.

We are not sure about that news, but what we know is that the game is less than $30 at the moment.

  Project Zomboid a good multiplayer survival game  

Project Zomboid is in the seventh spot. It is a 4-player co-op survival game where you must do everything to avoid your death.

Survive the hordes of zombies by building defenses, crafting weapons, and looting.

The game is still in early access and is less than $10.

  the best football management game  

Football Manager 2023 is 20% off until February 2 on Steam and Epic Games. This is also true for consoles following the announcement of the game’s release this February 1 on PS5. Those who are PS+ subscribers are able to benefit from the discount until February 14.

The January 25 update was able to fix any stability issues and improve the overall performance of the game.

FM 2023 on PC is discounted by 42% with our price comparison service.

  Cyberpunk 2077, a very good RPG  

Cyberpunk 2077’s next DLC would be arriving this year and fans of the game are both excited and nervous about it since the game didn’t really launch in a good light. Paweł Sasko, the game’s quest manager acknowledged the criticisms of the game’s linearity.

He did accept the criticisms as justified and promised that the Polish studio would keep this in mind when choices in the game need to be done in the future.

Not sure if we will already see this in Phantom Liberty. Time will soon tell. Right now, Cyberpunk 2077 is less than $21.

  Escape From Tarkov, one of the best FPS of its generation  

An update was recently released for Escape From Tarkov and it increased the weight limit so that you can carry more equipment, reduced the energy consumption (food and water) in raids, as well as the recoil on all weapons has been reduced.

Penalties to stamina for injuries had been reduced as well as the penalties for wearing armor.

Escape from Tarkov is only in its Beta phase and is only available on the BattleState Games platform. You can get the game on our page for 20% off.



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  $50 Blizzard Gift Card  

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 Season 2 were expected to be available on February 1, 2023, however, Infinity Ward announced that it will be by mid-month which is February 15, 2023.

When Season 2 launches it will come with new weapons, new maps, and a new game mode which is similar to “ranked” mode.

As of the moment, there are no promos available for the game, but the best thing to do is to purchase a $50 blizzard card as it is now discounted and use it to make your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game.

  FIFA 23 Team of the Year  

The list for FIFA 23 Team of the Year is now available:

  • Goalkeepers: Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid)
  • Defenders: Éder Militão (Real Madrid), Chraf Hakimi (Paris Saint-Germain), Theo Hernández (AC Milan), Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool),
  • Midfielders: Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund), Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City), Luka Modrić (Real Madrid)
  • Forwards: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid), Kylian Mbappé (Paris Saint-Germain), Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain)

  Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated games of 2023  

Hogwarts Legacy is set to launch by February, but it is a game that a lot are excited about.

Just recently, some information had been leaked about the game, and it has a lot of fans thrilled.

An artbook of the game had been released, confirming some of the leaked information and it showed the map of the game, some of the creatures and side quests. The given information allowed fans to estimate how long the story will be, which is about 35 hours for the main story and more than double that if you complete everything.

Right now, Hogwarts Legacy is 30% off.

  Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best open world games  

Red Dead Redemption 2 had been on and off the top 10 charts since 2019.

A while back, it had been revealed that Red Dead Redemption 2 could be the most expensive game in the history of video games.

The game had been in development for eight years which cost around $540 million.

Even though the cost to develop the game was crazy high, the game is cheap to purchase. It is now available for almost 80% off as compared to the official stores like Steam Epic Games, and Rockstar.

This could be the reason why the game was able to sell more than 44 million copies worldwide.

  Elden Ring the winner of the New York Games awards 2022  

Elden Ring is one of those games that keep on winning awards. Just recently, at the New York Game Awards, it won Game of the Year 2022 and the “Statue of Liberty Award for Best World.”

The two awards that Elden Ring won, make it the first-ever game to win two titles in this ceremony. Also, with 325 Game of the Year (GOTY) titles under its belt, the game was able to beat The Last of Us Part 2 by three awards.

Elden Ring is now available for $48.

  One piece Odyssey a new RPG highly anticipated  

We have got a new entry this week which is the RPG One Piece Odyssey.

The game launched on January 13 to celebrate the One Piece franchise’s 25 years.

What’s special about the game is that you get to play as Luffy and your crew are all the other Straw Hat members.

The game is about 30% off on Steam which will be around $20.

  Escape from Tarkov one of the best Tactical FPS of its generation  

Escape from Tarkov is a creative game when it comes to building player loyalty since it uses advertising and in-game promotional codes.

The codes are given out during the TarkovTV. The codes are usually just available for a limited amount of time. They are used for free armor or weapons, as well as refunds or discounts for in-game equipment.


Cyberpunk 2077 is getting a Game of the Year edition following the Phantom Liberty expansion. The game will also get an upcoming PC and XBOX Game Pass.

The game is on sale right now on Steam which is 50% off, if you look hard enough by comparing prices, you could get an extra 20% off.

  GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated video games in the world  

Brazilian insider, Matheusvictorbr could be hinting that GTA 5 might get one last major update before GTA 6 is set to launch.

Fans of the game believe that this would be a great preparation for GTA 6 launch, which we know is also set in Vice City.

What’s even great is that GTA V is now cheap, below $10, which is 70% cheaper than that on Steam.



Project Zomboid



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The top 3 are still the same for this week but are in a different order.

  FIFA 23  

The FIFA 23 Team Of The Year (TOTY) has had 105 nominated players. There are 35 forwards, 35 midfielders, 25 defenders, and 10 goalkeepers. You can cast your vote until January 17.

The list includes Karim Benzema, the winner of the new Ballon d’Or. It also comes with Lionel Messi, the World Cup Winner as well as Kylian Mbappé the World Cup finalist.

The FIFA 23 Origin key is still around 35 EUR.

  Steam Card - Battlenet Card  

Now in second place is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The game had been nominated during the Steam Awards 2022 for “Game of the Year” and “Multiplayer Game.”

The game may not have won GOTY but it is the best-selling video game in the United States and is also one of the best FPS of 2022.

As of the moment, the game doesn’t have any promo codes. To get a proper discount when purchasing the game, we suggest you do so with a Steam Gift Card or a Battle.net card.

  Elden Ring  

Elden Ring has won 332 GOTY awards since it launched. This number is more than that of Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last Of Us part 2, God of War Ragnarok and Death Stranding.

Although that is the case, the game is still not considered the best PC game of all time. At this moment, the current favorite game of critics and gamers is The Witcher 3.

  Red Dead Redemption 2  

One of the best open-world games sits in 4th place with Red Dead Redemption 2.

During the last Black Friday, the game was able to break its record of simultaneous players having more than 70,000 concurrent players.

Even though the Black Friday deals are done, Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC is less than $15.

  Escape from Tarkov  

Escape from Tarkov is our top 5 of the week.

Just recently, Battlestate Games removed some of the equipment from the in-game store. This will help the players with lower levels not get penalized when still learning the ropes of the game.

A mock ad contest had been running as well, there will be 3 winners that will receive a copy of the game plus a BattleState Games special bonus. In addition, there will also be $300 worth of merchandise from their merch store.

  Hogwarts Legacy   In 6th place is Hogwarts Legacy which is one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Although the game is expected to launch about a month away, it is one of the most wish-listed video games on Steam.

The PC version of the game will come several months after the launch of the console version. Since there had been a significant amount of preorders of the game, it was able to reach the 4th best-selling title this year.

The Hogwarts Legacy CD key on Steam is now 25% off.

  Cyberpunk 2077  

Due to problems during the game’s launch, the devs of Cyberpunk 2077 had to pay their investors $1.85 million.

Even though that is the case, Cyberpunk 2077 is still one of the best-selling PC games this 2023. A contribution to the game’s success may have been because of the Netflix series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

  Football Manager  

Football Manager 2023 is now in its 18th edition. The game had been one of the best-selling games for 11 weeks.

At the start of the year, the Football Manager 23 prices have gone up, however, you can still get the game at 25% off when you purchase the game’s CD key on Steam, Epic Games, Windows 10, or even at the game’s official website.

About to celebrate its 10th anniversary, GTA V is surely one of the best open-world action games of all time.

  GTAO cash cards  

Although the latest bonuses for GTA Online are a bit scarce, there are still new vehicles and weapons to buy. Double earnings are also available.

If you need some in-game money quickly, you can purchase GTA Online Shark Cash Cards.

  Project Zomboid  

Project Zomboid is a game that has been in Early Access since 2013. We don’t know when the game will officially launch.

Even though that is the case, a significant update had been rolled out by the developers. This will improve the game’s stability and gameplay.

Right now, Project Zomboid for PC is less than $10.



 NFS Unbound, God of War




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Elden Ring PC


The top game of the first week of the first month of 2023 is The Game of the Year 2022: Elden Ring.

The game was able to get four wins during The Game Awards 2022 also bagging the “Game of the Year” award.

Although the Steam sales are done, you will still be able to purchase the game 50% cheaper than that on the Valve platform, which makes the game only 30 USD.

  FIFA 23 PC  

As EA reveals the 10th Team Of The Week, as well as the list of rewards for the FUT Champions, FIFA 23, still remains to be popular among gamers landing in 2nd place.

The game’s 2nd spot in the top 10 is still apparent even though CR7 fans are not happy with his overall score when he transferred to Saudi Arabia.

  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC  

At the 3rd spot is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which still doesn’t have notable promo codes. To get the game cheaper we suggest you purchase two 50 USD Steam Cards or a 100 USD Steam Card, or two 50 USD Blizzard Cards to make your purchase.

To find out more, here is our guide on how you can purchase cheaper Steam Cards. We also provide some tips and tricks to get the best deal.

  Red Dead Redemption 2 PC  

Steam Awards 2020 winner, Red Dead Redemption 2 is now in the 4th spot, but still remains one of the best open-world video games around.

What’s great about the game is that it is now 70% to 80% cheaper, making it only 15 USD.

  Need For Speed Unbound PC  

Need For Speed Unbound is steady in 5th place but is now available for half the price.

  Cyberpunk 2077 PC  

Cyberpunk 2077, had a rough start in 2020 but was able to make up for it by winning the “Labor of Love” PC game of 2022 during the Steam Awards.

Cyberpunk 2077 is being updated regularly and is available for 60% off at 23 USD.

  Escape From Tarkov PC  

Escape from Tarkov is still in its beta stages but was able to catch the attention of many when Battlestate Games’ Twitch channel had been banned after breaching the Terms and Conditions of Twitch.

  God of War PC  

Another winner during The Steam Awards 2022 is God of War. Also, God of War Ragnarok PS4 and PS5 were able to win about six awards during the same event. Right now, God of War PC is at 65% discount.

  Football Manager 2023 PC  

As the new Brazillian wonderkid, Endrick, gets signed for Real Madrid (he is just 16), Football Manager 2023 sits at the top 9 of this week. Endrick’s rating may not be high at the moment at 51/100 but surely that will increase soon.

You can get a 40% discount for Football Manager 2023 with our promo code.

  GTA V PC  

At the 10th spot is a game that launched 10 years ago, Rockstar Games’ GTA 5. The game launched around 2015 and was able to sell more than 170 million copies worldwide.

The game is the 2nd best-selling video game of all time.

As of the moment, the game is selling for less than 10 USD.



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