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Journey to the Savage Planet Xbox Series Price Comparison

What Is the Journey to the Savage Planet Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download Journey to the Savage Planet directly to your Xbox Series X from the Xbox Live.

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Release date
January 28, 2020
Official website
Typhoon Studios
505 Games
Action Adventure Arcade Exploration Action-Adventure 3D Platformer

About this game

In Journey to the Savage Planet, you play as the new recruit of Kindred Aerospace, the 4th best interstellar space exploration company, who is sent to explore planet ARY-26. Your mission is to determine if planet ARY-26 is fit for humans or not.

  • play this game solo or co-op with a friend!
  • explore the flora and fauna of planet ARY-26: from strange spherical birds to hallucinogenic plants. Just make sure you won’t die in the process.
  • get some cool tools for free like a laser pistol, rocket booster pack, and a slick 3D printer that can turn space trash into sweet items! 


Journey to the Savage Planet is a game with a lot of nice ideas – trying to single-handedly twist a well-worn genre into new and exciting shapes – but ultimately doesn’t quite have the courage to commit to them. There’s a lot to enjoy, particularly in its opening hours, but for all its grand ambitions, Savage Planet ultimately falls back on tired ideas to see it through to an underwhelming end. Like the ship you’re trying to repair throughout, it’s an admirable thing, but it can’t quite nail the landing.



As a whole, Journey to the Savage Planet is a rather simple game but still manages to find unique ways to challenge a player both during combat and exploration. My only dislike is that there could have been a few more side missions that didn’t revolve around item collection. It would have been great to have more incentive to go off the main path aside from hunting for upgrades. But in saying that, I found the exploration aspect of this game quite fun thanks to the innovative level design. This is definitely a fun little game that is worth checking out or playing with a friend.


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XBOX SERIES GAME CODE : Use the Digital Code received by mail in your Xbox account to download Journey to the Savage Planet Xbox Series from the Xbox Live. Internet connection and a Xbox Series are required. Please read the store description about any language or region restrictions.
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