Kill La Kill IF Won’t Be Censored

July 14, 2019 at 11:44 PM in Digital Download News with no comments
Kill la Kill IF  

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Ark System Works has made the announcement that their upcoming anime-based fighter called Kill La Kill IF will not be censored on specific platforms or in any certain regions. This has been reaffirmed with the post on their official Twitter account saying, the game “has not been censored in any way.”

Actually, the rumors for the censorship doesn’t really have any basis. Also, where it started is unknown because the developers were already able to confirm the same announcement in May. We are also able to see this in the game’s official website saying:

“There are no alterations to the game’s visuals (costumes and etc.) between the regions and platforms.”

It is possible that fans were concerned because the anime does have some revealing scenes. Nintendo had been steadily loosening up with their censorship policies, however, Sony is actually tightening up, which may have raised the concern about censorship.

But you can see in the Tweet that everything is clear in the statement:

Kill La Kill IF features a new storyline called “what if” and it branches out from the 8th episode of the anime. The story of the game centers on Satsuki Kiryin who is the rival of the protagonist Ryuko Matoi. When you complete Satsuki’s story another “what if” scenario will be opened which is for Ryoko. Both Trigger and Arc System Works are closely working together so that the game will offer the vision of the licensed IP.

Kill La Kill IF will be launching on July 26 and it is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.