Kingdom Come Deliverance Quick Save Requires To Drink Liquor

January 26, 2018 at 5:13 AM in Gaming News with no comments
Kingdom Come Deliverance Quick Save Cover

Priding itself with the game’s realism, Kingdom Come Deliverance quick save would have players doing something that people might do in real life. The level of realism is true for the game’s landscapes and combat systems as well as the simple things that are needed to be done in the game.

‘Of Minds, Blades & Schnapps’ is the new gameplay video from Warhorse Studios that shows the tiny details that the devs were able to add to bring more realism to the game. An example of this is that when you get hurt and is bleeding you must bandage the wound or else you might bleed to death and by bandaging it, it won’t heal, just like in real life, recovery would need sleep, going to a healer, eating or drinking a little alcohol.

Saving the game progress is automatic in events. Manual saves are also available. You can do this by sleeping in your own bed and drinking Savior schnapps which is an alcoholic beverage. So for players to quick save anywhere they must pack some of this precious alcohol it will give them a temporary boost of courage but know your limits though.

Watch the complete video below to find out more:

Kingdom Come Deliverance will launch on February 13 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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