Knockout City Successful Beta | Game Launches in May

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Knockout City from Velan Studios and Electronic Arts recently had a beta that proved to be successful which means this epic dodgeball battler will be launching by May.

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Knockout City Beta Downloaded More Than One Million Times!


The Knockout City’s beta phase had been downloaded more than a million times according to EA. On Twitch, the beta had more than 93.7 million viewer minutes and 116 million minutes of playtime.



The open beta for the game started last April 2nd and it run throughout the weekend. Those who were able to join were able to try out a couple of the game’s modes.

The modes available were the 3v3, 4v4, and 1v1 objective-based and elimination game modes.

Knockout City can be played on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC via Steam or Origin.

In order to play a PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Online or Xbox Live subscriptions are needed depending on the platform you are using.

Cross-progression is also available in the game which means that the cosmetics that you have in one platform can be accessed on a different platform.

Some rewards are available for those who were able to join the open beta. The rewards are the Beta Blue Booster Glider and the Beta Brawler player icon which will be available when the game releases in May.




The game recreates the brutal action of dodgeball where you intercept throws, dodge, fake throws and pass between your teammates to tire out your opponents.

Dominate your opponents by teaming up into a Crew and using power attacks like passing, specialized balls and “balling up” and be thrown by your teammates.

Crew up with your friends across other platforms and join in on the 3v3, 4v4, and free-for-all cross-play matches.

Maps are dynamic taking the matches across construction sites, skyscrapers, rooftops and more. Also, each map comes with unique features that change how each match is played. This includes dodging wrecking balls, cars and the usual dodgeball.





A lot of players feel more rewarded getting customizations rather than the victories themselves.

Winning in matches unlocks individual customization rewards that include changes to appearance, additional gear and even attitude changes. You can also achieve this as a crew where you get custom gliders, vehicles and taunt animations.

Microtransactions will be available at launch as well. This will be in the form of purchasing cosmetics from the in-game shop.

Additional items can be earned through weekly challenges, special events as well as time-limited events.

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Knockout City is set to launch on May 21 and it will be available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox One.

When the game launches, a free trial will also be made available for a limited time only. The progress that you make in the trial will be carried over when you purchase the complete game.

Knockout City launches at $19.99




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