Know How The Battlefield 1 Medal System Works

October 13, 2016 at 1:04 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Know How The Battlefield 1 Medal System WorksBattlefield 1 Medal System Cover

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Battlefield 1 Medal System works somewhat different from what the game previously had. This time, it will be a Medal System, where in which you can choose from five different medals in a week.

For players of first-person multiplayer games, the excitement of playing the game comes from not only the kills but also through the unlockable rewards.

In Battlefield 1, there will be five medals for you to choose from. These medals are available weekly. So, in one week you can choose to unlock any of the five available medals. There will be three to five stages to finish for each medal. However, if your game mode should change, that is not a problem. You will be able to switch between medals and not lose any progress as long as it is within the week it is available.

To better understand the medal system, here is an example from DICE. “ Take for instance the Medic-themed medal ‘Order of Hippocrates’. Here, the stages tie into skills that make a good Medic, i.e. getting 20 kills with medic weapons, healing teammates 100 times, and completing reviews. You will be informed by the tracker when a stage is complete.”

Battlefield 1 medal-system

In total, there are 34 medals which can be gained 100 times. Each medal that is completed will earn the players XP. Get medals 100 times will give you more XP.

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