Know What Ghost Recon Wildlands Tier 1 Mode Includes!

July 5, 2017 at 10:30 PM in Gaming News with no comments


It is finally live the Ghost Recon Wildlands tier 1 mode! This new mode brings amazing new challenges to the game. Check out what this whole new mode is all about!

Characters who have reached the level cap of 30 will have access to the Tier 1 Mode. There are 50 tiers where in which you will have to work your way up from 50 to 1. The tiers will have missions and challenges that become difficult as you progress. Every progress that you make gives you tier points and rewards. The points that you earn can be used to upgrade your weapons damage but just within the Tier 1 game mode only.

A weapon or an accessory will be given to you every 5 tiers, while the others will reward you with supply packs. We’ve got the list for you here:
  • Tier 49: Jaws Bandana
  • Tier 45: Wingnut Helmet
  • Tier 40: Desert Tech HTi BDC Sniper Rifle
  • Tier 35: Red Shemagh
  • Tier 30: Old Glory Tattoo (right arm)
  • Tier 25: Galea Facial Paint
  • Tier 20: Wolf Skin Weapon Paint
  • Tier 15: Operator Bandana
  • Tier 10: 1%er Tattoo (left arm)
  • Tier 5: LVOA-C Bad News Assault Rifle
  • Tier 1: Grey Python Weapon Paint

This is quite hard, so if you are having difficulties with the Tier 1 mode AI enemies, you can play the game in co-op.


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