Know Who The Constructor HD Undesirable are (Part 1)

By Veena on May 8, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments


System 3 has released a series of videos about The Constructor HD Undesirables. The reports has said that there are a total of eight Undesirables and right now there are four that was introduced.

Constructor HD
Constructor HD PS4
Constructor HD Xbox One

The Undesirables are characters used in the game in order to lower the value of your enemy’s properties.

So far, the four Undesirables introduced are The Hippy, The Gangster, Mr FixIt, and The Thief. Each one of them has a video guide for you to know how they work.

The Hippy – These free-spirited characters are the ones that squat, hold parties, and picket in the enemy’s property.

The Gangster – This scary character is the game’s hitman! His expertise includes silencing enemies or burning them to the ground.

Mr Fixit – Ever get a repairman who does a crappy job? Well, this is the guy to call for all the repair blunders in your opponent’s property.

The Thief – Nobody wants a thief in their property. Stealing is this character’s specialty. Place him on an opponent’s property and watch the number of tenants dwindle.

Get to play Constructor HD for free on Friday, May 12, 2017, for PC via Steam. The full game launches in May 26, 2017.


Constructor HD Launch Date Postponed, Pre-Order Bonuses In Steam Announced

Constructor HD launch date gets moved as announced by System 3 on the game’s official Facebook page. The new “forecast” for the game’s release is on May 26, 2017.