Latest Death Stranding Trailer Features Heartman

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Death Stranding: Heartman  

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A new trailer has been shared by Sony Interactive Entertainment for their upcoming game Death Stranding. The trailer features another character to the game named Heartman. This character is played by Nicolas Winding Refn, a Danish film director. There’s something strange about this character since he is able to go into a loop of being alive for 21 minutes and then dying for 3 minutes.

Heartman dying for 3 minutes actually has a purpose. His three minutes of death stops his heart and is able to look for his family on the other side. After those three minutes, he wakes up. He then flips his hourglass for the next count down of 21 minutes and then tries to find something to do until the time that he needs to die again.

Get to watch the Heartman character spotlight trailer below:


It kind of looks like the dying and reanimating back to life is self-induced because of the machine on his chest. Or perhaps that could be the only thing that keeps him alive.

In connection to that, the protagonist, Sam doesn’t get a game over screen when he dies, he just simply gets sent to an “upside-down realm” where he must make his way back to the living world.

Death Stranding does give more than what meets the eye. The game is set to launch on November 8th, available exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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