Latest Outward Dev Diary Shares How Co-Op Works!

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Nine Dots Studios shares latest Outward Dev Diary which talks about how the game’s co-op works! The upcoming open world game called Outward will have you start out as an ordinary person without anything special about you (you are not a king, nor a predestined hero). This is the same situation if you play the game in co-op, which is nice since you will be growing together in the game.

How this co-op works has been talked about in the game’s latest dev diary. The video starts off with the game’s gameplay as well as some sentiments about playing co-op in role-playing games which are rare right now. Then we get to see a split-screen co-op of the game Outward. In co-op, players are able to drop in and out anytime they want. And they can use their own character or create one and then join the game.

Get to watch the complete dev diary below:


This is a great co-op experience since the players are allowed to travel separate ways as long as they are in the same region. But of course, it would be best to stay together. Since there are two of you, the game actually scales the difficulty level up, and combat would be much more challenging. And having a friend with you is tons of help like if you die, the other one can revive you and the shared storage is the best.

But, of course, if you would still want to play the game alone you can do so from the start to finish. But if you are like the developer, having someone to play with it is absolutely great.

Outward will be launching on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 28, 2019.

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