Launching This May Is The New Adventure Game: A Plague Tale Innocence

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A Plague Tale Innocence

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A Plague Tale Innocence is the newest game to come from Asobo Studio (the makers of Recore) and Focus Home Interactive. Offering a story-driven adventure during the Great Plague.

The game is set in a historical setting but not entirely an exact version of what “historically” happened. We get to see the swarms of rats carrying the plague as well as the Inquisition who is there to implement divine justice.

Players get to play as Amicia the older sister to Hugo. She is skilled with a slingshot and has great aim. Hugo the brother is sick with an unknown disease. In gameplay, you are able to direct him as well as the others who join you, when the main character Amicia is busy.

Check out the sample gameplay below:


The game as mentioned above is an adventure game and not necessarily an action game. It comes with some interactive puzzles having the swarms of rats as the main ingredient of the puzzles.

A Plague Tale Innocence will be launching on May 14, 2019. It can be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Get to know more about the game through their site here and also watch the mini web series here.AllKeyShop Rewards Program


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