Legendary Stuff With The Middle Earth Shadow of War Mini Game

By Veena on October 8, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments

Middle Earth Shadow of War Mini Game Cover


Kotaku recently made us notice the Middle Earth Shadow of War mini-game. It is a bit weird for some and definitely interesting for a lot of gamers. And we’ve decided to show it to you as well.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

While playing the game, killing orcs and enemies or whatever, players will come upon some ancient texts that are collectibles. These words can actually be used in the regional temples, where you can fill up the blanks for poetry.

This is quite different from what the game is all about. It kind of gives players the needed break from all the violence. The Middle Earth Shadow of War mini-game looks very easy since you will just need to choose the correct word from those you’ve collected. Check this out in Kotaku’s screenshot below:

When you complete the poem, you will be rewarded with some amazing legendary stuff. Take a look at Kotaku’s screenshot below:

Your inner poet will surely shine through when Middle Earth Shadow of War launches on October 10.

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