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Lemnis Gate PS5 Price Comparison

What Is the Lemnis Gate Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download Lemnis Gate directly to your PlayStation 5 from the PlayStation Network (PSN).

How Can I Find the Lowest Price for Lemnis Gate on PS5?

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Release date
September 28, 2021
Official website
Ratloop Games
Frontier Foundry
Strategy Action FPS Tactical Space

About this game

Master the art of fighting in alternating timelines in Lemnis Gate a revolutionary blend of Multiplayer FPS and turn-based strategy. A typical game consists of two rounds each round has 10 turns split between you and your opponent; a turn is 25 seconds its where you play out the game in real-time choose which operative you want to play as and start doing objectives, killing your opponents, or setting up for future turns, then it’s your opponent’s turn time rewinds back to before you made your first turn and it will play on top of your opponents turn he can react to your actions and stop you from doing your first turn and it returns to you again and the turns before will play on top of your current turn, etc.  It becomes a constant back and forth until the last turn which will ultimately decide the winner of the round.

  • The operatives you choose to play in certain turns can drastically affect how rounds play out since each has unique weapons and abilities that complement different types of situations, set up toxin choke points on the ground, deploy shields on allies, assassinate important targets with a sniper that can slow downtime.
  • Time is not a constant in Limnes Gate, each turn is a chance to fix your mistakes from the past or retroactively prevent something happening in the future, get creative with how you play what’s a sensible strategy in the present might not be in the future, but always remember it’s not ever until the last turn.
  • You can play the game in a lot of ways Retrieve XM – is the familiar capture the flag formula but there are often multiple of these orbs around the map so you would need multiple turns of setting up to capture them all, Domination – the classic king of the hill game mode but instead of standing on the objective you shoot at it to capture it, Seek and Destroy – one team is assigned as defenders and one team is attacking the defender must stop the attackers from destroying the objective at all costs vice versa.

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PlayStation 5 Hardware Console. Playstation 5 home video game console hardware developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and released in 2020. The fifth generation of PlayStation.
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