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Enter the land of Thedas in BioWare’s newest installment in the Dragon Age franchise, Dragon Age III Inquisition. This sequel to the popular Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II features a more expanded map, more customizations, a new playable race, and the liberty to run the story however players want to basing on decisions made throughout the game.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition, like its predecessors, will have players choose an Inquisitor from among the 4 Races and 3 Classes.


Dwarves – This race usually spend their lives underground. Some dwarves in exile live in the surface as merchants or smugglers. They receive 25% Magic Defense bonus.

Elves – They are distinguishable by their lithe frames and pointed ears. They receive 25% Ranged Defense bonus.

Humans – They are the most powerful and most numerous among all the races. Humans receive a bonus ability points at the start of the game.

Qunari – This race of giants will be playable for the first time in Dragon Age III: Inquisition. They receive 10% bonus to melee defense.


Mage – Experts in protection and defense.

Rogue – Controls the battlefield with traps deadly enough to kill enemies.

Warrior – Defenders that protect their allies from harm.

Dragon Age 3 Inquisition


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