Level Up Your Game Room With Custom Gaming Setups

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For a majority of us, our bedroom is also our game room. What this means is that not only do you sleep in your room, it is also an entryway to the different universes that every game has to offer. Taking you there by engaging your senses through unparalleled visuals, clear surround sound and the comfiest of chairs that will have you gaming for hours.

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Violet-lit game room  

This is an age where powerful gaming setups are within reach and gone are the days where we would have to ask permission to play Need for Speed in dad’s office with a Windows 95 OS and a connection of 56kbit/s.

Nowadays powerful computers and better internet connections are easy to come by. Setting up our own game rooms is much more simple. And if you have the means, having all the different consoles is definitely a plus, like for example having your own VR set up and space!


Gaming PC


There are a whole lot of gaming PCs to choose from, and you can also customize your own thanks to the site called CyberPower UK. What’s amazing is that there are some that offer pre-configured setups for specific games like what Dino PC does, the specs that they offer are for games like Apex Legends, GTA 5, CS:GO, Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

If budget is not an issue, you can go for Avertum X from Digital Storm. The Avertum X sports 5.0 GHz turbo boost, 512 GB memory, up to 32-core processor, 260TFLOPs computer power, 15TB storage space, integrated power panel, large heat exchangers, build in fluid ports, powerful liquid cooling, and 8 hot-swap bays.

  Digital Storm’s Aventum X

Gaming Monitor


A setup won’t be complete without a monitor. And you would surely benefit from one that is powerful enough that you would see every single detail. One of the best gaming monitors out there is the ROG Strix XG32VQR. This is a curved WQHD 1440p 144HZ monitor with a response time of 4ms. You can have three of them for a full panoramic gameplay.

  32-inch ASUS ROG Monitor



Audio is another factor in getting an optimal gaming experience. Playing In Silence one of the best horror games with great audio literally takes you inside of the game. High-quality headsets or speakers really make the difference. If you have one of those, try listening to the trailer of Project Mara, it will definitely give you the creeps.

Great audio does help in the gameplay, especially where directional audio is a common thing. You would know where the threats are just by simply listening. One of the most popular headsets for gamers is the Razer Blackshark V2. It offers a noise-canceling detachable mic plus clear crisp audio. It is also comfortable to wear for a long time since it is lightweight at 262g only.



Gaming Mouse


There are a lot of these available. It could be symmetrical or ergonomic, wired or not, with skins or plain colors, with customizable RGB lighting and so much more. What you have to look for are the durable ones that are for high performance. You can try out the SteelSeries Rival 600 for high-performance mouse.



Gaming Keyboard


Gaming keyboards are highly customizable. The things that you can tweak include ergo, material, design, and key placement. There are some ready-made ones too that look and work amazingly like the Corsair K100 RGB mechanical keyboard. This is a popular keyboard having outstanding reviews.

  Corsair K100 RGB mechanical keyboard

Gaming Chair


Gaming Chairs are essential, especially if you are one of those who play for more than 16 hours a day. These types of chairs tend to be pricy but for all the comfort that it will give you, it is definitely worth buying.

Second-hand gaming chairs are not recommended as said in Stu’s Review “No way am I going to buy a second-hand chair where someone’s sweaty ass crack was sitting in it, farting in it for 8 hours a day.”

  Secretlab Titan 2020

Gaming Controllers


Gaming controllers are customizable. What you can change in a gaming controller includes the shell, buttons, bumpers, triggers and thumbsticks. Additional protective cases that are customizable are also available. Custom Controllers UK is a place where you can find things that you can use to customize your controllers. When playing Fortnite, we recommend you add KontrolFreak’s FPS Freek Galaxy performance thumbsticks.

  Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

Dedicated VR Space


To enjoy playing VR, you definitely need space, and if you don’t have it, you can opt for the KAT Walk C by Knoxlabs. This is a VR treadmill had anti-slip straps, dedicated footwear and customizable friction. You are sure to get the best experience playing Half-Life Alyx or other VR fitness games with this.



With all the items that we mentioned, do you already own any of them or are most of the items just added to your cart hoping that one day you are able to check them out.

Can you share with us what your gaming setups look like?


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