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Release date
April 28, 2017
Official website
Tarsier Studios
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Adventure Puzzle Horror Atmospheric Dark

About this game

Play as Six as she confronts all the childhood fears that are coming to get her. Six had been taken from her comfy home and thrown into the Maw- a location that “corrupt hearts of modern happiness”.

  • Be careful as you explore The Lair as there will be long arms that will grab at you.
  • The kitchen is also a place which you should be careful of as the Twin Chef can be located there.
  • Make sure to avoid the Leeches.
  • Keep your distance from The Janitor, he has long arms.

Face the fears borne from your childhood and look for a way out from the Maw.


This is a short game, and at $20, it might be a little expensive for a single evening or weekend, but it’s worth checking out. There are a few other games in its small genre pool, but Little Nightmares sets itself apart with its level design and surreal atmosphere. Set aside a block of time, try to go into the game as cold as possible, and be ready for a lot of deaths, some of which are gruesome and many of which won’t feel fair. It’s a sort of dark fairy tale, to go by my experience, and you’ll get about 60 unhappy endings before you get to a slightly better one.

Worth Playing


Little Nightmares is grotesque, creepy, and unnerving – but it’s also beautiful. It’s an odd juxtaposition, but one that carries on through the game. For every bit of ominous ambience, there’s something to marvel at. It succeeds in its goal of evoking child-like fears, with a lingering, pervasive sense of terror that wrenches your gut.

Critical Hit

Bonus / Complete Edition

  • Little Nightmares
  • Little Nightmares: Secrets of The Maw Expansion Pass

Little Nightmares The Residence DLC

Little Nightmares The Residence DLC brings a new location to explore with the luxurious house of dread.

Little Nightmares Secrets of The Maw

Little Nightmares Secrets of The Maw brings a new survivor, Runaway Kid who is also looking for a way out of the Maw.

Little Nightmares The Depths DLC

Little Nightmares The Depths DLC lets the the kid Six into Granny’s home in the depths of the Maw.

Little Nightmares The Hideaway DLC

Little Nightmares The Hideaway DLC lets the Kid into the engine area of The Maw with a rescue mission and the addition of curious creatures.


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Complete Edition
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Preorder went good i received confirmation now only need to wait for the game. This is definitely a good tool to compare game price

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