Live In Nether With The Next Minecraft Update

September 29, 2019 at 11:53 PM in Digital Download News with no comments
Minecraft Nether Update  

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The Minecraft community had been requesting a ‘Cave Update’ but what Mojang shared with everybody was a ‘Nether’ update announcement. Although that was the case, nobody was complaining. Most possibly because the Nether has not changed in many years.

What is in the Nether update you ask? There will be new biomes and so much more. Two of the game’s devs went on stage to give us a preview of what’s to come. Get to watch their presentation below:


Developer Mojang revealed that he wants players to be able to live in Nether, if not, maybe just have a base there. A spawn point in the Nether will now be available and players will be able to find food there. Of course, this is still Nether, so it will still be hard to survive.

The food source in the Nether is called the Piglin Beast which is a new kind of mob. This is a temporary name and the devs are asking the community to make some suggestions for it.

There will also be a new kind of Pigmen which are the Piglins. They can build their communities in Nether. They will attack other players and mobs as long as they are being harmed or if their treasure gets stolen, but aside from that, they will leave you alone. They also actually hunt Piglin Beasts for food. Players will have the option to ‘barter’ with the Piglins which is their way of trading.

Minecraft update 1.16 Nether update will be launching by the first half of 2020. By the holidays, the 1.15 Bees update will be available.