Lost Ark Silver Farming Guide

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Not having enough silver in Lost Ark is such a drag, so we’ve made a quick guide on how you can farm silver in the game.

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We will be introducing to you seven simple ways to farm silver on Lost Ark. This will include activities, quest rewards, and daily tasks.

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Chaos Dungeons come with silver even if you run them without the Aura of Resonance.

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Make sure to run Chaos of Dungeons on the highest difficulty to have better chances of getting more silver.

Also, try completing Chaos Dungeons using your secondary and alternative accounts for a small amount of silver to earn each day.



The Cube Dungeons are also another way where you can earn a little extra silver.

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You need a Cube Ticket so that you can enter the Cube Dungeons. The level of rewards that you get is based on the level of the chest that you earn in the event.

When entering the Cube Dungeons, it is best to go at it with three other players to give you a better chance of getting better rewards.



Being a part of a guild comes with its advantages. One of which is the chance to earn silver.

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When you donate or contribute to your guild, you earn Bloodstorens which you can trade for silver in the  Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange.



If you really need silver and have overflowing gold, then you can exchange your gold for silver.


But you have to think about this a few times since gold is also something precious to have.



Una comes with daily and weekly tasks to complete with either your main or alt characters.

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You are able to complete up to three daily tasks for each of your characters. It is best to do this to earn additional silver every day.

The same thing goes for the weekly missions.



Just like any MMO, Lost Ark will reward players with some silver when finishing normal, main and world quests.


NPCs are also able to give extra silver when you are able to complete their missions if you have good relationships with them.

Build strong relationships with NPCs so that you can get a chance to earn additional silver as well as some other rewards.




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