Mafia 3 Post-Release Details Content Now Available Here

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The Mafia 3 post-release details is posted. Revealed in the game’s official website. The post-release content includes free recurring content and paid story expansions.

Mafia 3
Mafia 3 PS4
Mafia 3 Xbox One

Everyone who purchases the game will have access to the free recurring content. It has been said that the first free content is a new character outfit, which will give a number of choices for your character Lincoln Clay. Also, the golden weapons pack will be made available to everyone after 30 days of the game’s release. It will include the “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”.


Also available are free new vehicle customization options. It will come with new wheels, personalized license plates, and paint jobs. Experience additional fun when you test your newly customized vehicle in the street races. Through these street races, you will be able to earn money, new customizations as well as other rewards.

It will not stop there, though, as more free content will be available soon.

The paid content of Mafia 3 will be three expansion stories: “Faster Baby!”, Sign of the Times”, and “Stones Unturned”.

“Faster, Baby!” will have you going after the corrupt sheriff in amazing car chases with Lincoln and his ex-girlfriend Roxy Laveau.


“Sign of the Times” a haunting expansion that will have Lincoln go after a cult who performs ritualistic killings in New Bordeaux.


“Stones Unturned” get to rewrite with John Donovan of the CIA and settle a long time feud that dates way back to the Vietnam War.

Not only will you have these exciting expansion, it will also come with exclusive vehicles, weapons, artifacts, and races depending on the expansion’s theme.

You can get these expansions in the Season Pass, it can also be purchased individually.

Get your copies of Mafia 3 by October 7, 2016.



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