Mafia 3 Story Expansion Details Revealed

February 3, 2017 at 4:05 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Mafia 3 Story Expansion Cover


This year, there are three Mafia 3 story expansions set for release. The very first one is set to come out this March. These three expansions are paid DLC’s of the game.

Mafia 3 The Story Continues

The first DLC releasing by the end of March is Faster, Baby! Featuring “fast cars, dramatic chases, and epic stunt driving.” The main character, Lincoln will be joined by Roxy Laveau in this expansion with a mission to go after a “corrupt Sheriff terrorizing Civil Rights activities on the outskirts of New Bordeaux.”

Releasing by May 2017 is the second story expansion called Stones Unturned. In this expansion, Lincoln will be teaming up with CIA agent John Donovan to “settle a blood feud that begun in the war-torn jungles of Vietnam.”

Signs of the Times is the third expansion coming out in July 2017. The priest Father James seeks out the help of Lincoln because of the rampant ritualistic killings happening in New Bordeaux. This mission will take Lincoln from “the dark heart of the old bayou to the drug-ridden counterculture of the inner city,”

The release dates published above are merely target dates of the expansions, said Hanger 13. Changes to these release dates could happen.



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