Making A Come Back Are The Hitman Elusive Targets!

November 23, 2017 at 5:39 PM in Gaming News with no comments



Let’s welcome back the Hitman Elusive Targets, all thanks to IO Interactive. The elusive target available right now is called The Forger and his real name is Sergei Larin. This elusive target started on November 17, 207 at 2:00 PM CET.

Players are able to hunt for the Forger up until November 27, 2017. He is currently roaming the streets of Paris.

The Hitman elusive targets are the extra special target that is only available once. There will be no second chances when it comes to eliminating these targets. The elusive targets are not seen on the map, so much exploring should be done in order to find them. But players will not be sent out totally clueless. They will be briefed on a video that will have the information they need to find their target. There is a photo reference as well as a short history of the target. Use the clues and study the patterns of the target in order for you to effectively eliminate them.

What’s in store for you if you eliminate the elusive targets? Well, you will be rewarded with unique suits of Agent 47! There are a lot of types of suites like location specific to signature suits. For players who are able to finish the five elusive target contracts with a rating of Silent Assassin will be awarded the distinguished Winter Suit.

Hitman Exclusive Target Rewards

More information about the elusive targets reactivation of Hitman is available HERE.


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