Man of Medan Critics Review Roundup and Launch Trailer

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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan has launched today and a launch trailer for it had been shared by Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco. The video shares with us a little bit more about the interactive, drama horror game. You can get to watch the trailer above.

Man of Medan is a fun game to play even though it is a horror game since you get to play it with your friends via the multiplayer. Everything about the game sounds interesting. You can check out what the critics think about the game with the reviews that we were able to round-up below:

PC GAMER — 81/100

“It’s a fascinating way to experience a story together, where you can steer relationships and the action based on what you’ve observed and what you’ve shared, articulated by extremely punishing quicktime events.”

– James Davenport

IGN — 7/10

“If you can get through its slow beginning twice, playing through with a co-op partner is a blast as you both properly explore its many branching storylines.”

– Lucy O’Brien


“As a show of the potential for the Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan is largely a success, but as a first episode, it leaves plenty to be desired.”

– James O’Connor


“Supermassive Games’ followup to Until Dawn will make you jump out of your seat, but lacks a fun story to follow.”

– Andrew Reiner

US GAMER — 3/5

“The two-player online Shared Story is the primary highlight here, allowing two players to simultaneously determine the course of the story.”

– Mike Williams


“The setting here didn’t do much for me if I’m perfectly honest, but the memorable characters, razor sharp pacing and well-placed scares make it excellent fun with a few friends by your side. “

– Jade King

PC WORLD — 3.5/5

“Man of Medan doesn’t tell the most unique story, and indeed you’ll probably unravel it long before the characters do. It’s unique in the telling though, and often that’s what counts more.”

– Hayden Dingman

And the critics think that the game doesn’t have a very original story but how the story is being delivered is one of its strengths. Another thing is that because of the multiple characters, different perspectives can be seen as well.

The Dark Pictures Man of Medan is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



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