Maneater Launch Trailer Shows a Bloody Gameplay!

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Maneater Launch Trailer

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The Maneater launch trailer shows a gameplay that is bloody with a man-eating shark terrorizing the waters.

The game will let you play as a shark out to kill in an open-world RPG.

It is narrated by Chris Parnell from Rick and Morty and Saturday Night Live. The game is set like a reality TV show.

We get to see a contrast between the beautiful waters, remarkable city lights and all the brutality of killing divers and ripping their functions and grow into a powerful adult megalodon.

The Maneater launch trailer is available below:

You will have access to waterways, swamps and oceans. Both humans and wildlife should fear you as you go through divers, swimmers and even other wildlife.

There are seven regions to explore and each one comes with an apex predator like killer whales, giant squid and alligators. Every predator when killed will give you special skills. Get to earn additional rewards if you get to kill the human bounty hunters.

Your diet should be complete, eat fishes and turtles as well from their protein, fats, and minerals. The environment is also available to use when in combat.

Maneater is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version will launch on a later date but still this year.


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