Mario 64 Sold At A Very High Price

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The game Mario 64 which can be played on the Nintendo 64 sold at a very high price at a recent auction. The game is now known as the most expensive video game ever sold.

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Mario 64 Sold At A Record-Breaking Price


Last July 11, 2021, Mario 64 which is now already a classic game sold at an auction for a whopping $1.56 million.

  mario 64 sells for record price  

The game first launched in 1996 as the launch title for Nintendo 64. The Heritage Auctions described the game as being an important part of the history of video games.

Mario 64 was the best-selling as well as the best-rated video game for the Nintendo 64. The copy that was sold for a high price had been in perfect condition as well as sealed.

The packaging of the videogame got a rating of 9.8 A++ which means that it is in almost perfect condition that even its seal had not been damaged.

There had been another Mario 64 game sold at the same auction and it had a rating of 9.6 A++ but was only sold for $13,200.

If you are wanting to go through your old things to look for your copy of the game, you have to make sure that it is in its original box and that it is still sealed to get a high price for it.


Nintendo Games Set Records


What’s amazing is that just two days before the record-breaking Mario 64 sold at a high price, the previous record had been set.

Last July 9, the original cartridge of Legend of Zelda for the NES sold for $870,000. The copy that had been sold for that high price had a rating of 9.0 A++

  legend of zelda record price  

Legend of Zelda was the best-selling as well as the most critically-acclaimed video game that had been released by Nintendo.

The specific copy of Zelda was one of the first to be made in the early production run. This is one of the first sealed copies available.

You can check out the list of the best video games available since 1972 here.


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