Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Newest Strategy Game From Firaxis

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Firaxis Games, the developer of XCOM shared during gamescom their newest strategy game called Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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What is Marvel’s Midnight Suns All About?


The game features the different characters of the Marvel universe and it is a tactical role-playing game. Battle against the forces of the underworld with the help of the Midnight Suns. The Midnight Suns are Earth’s last line of defense and are made up of Marvel legends.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns Gameplay


Offering a customizable battle system with a mix of role-playing elements. You also get a customizable Marvel hero.

Play as The Hunter, a hero that has been revived by the Avengers to take down Lilith.

The Midnight Suns will have your back. They are composed of heroes from the Avengers, X-Men, Runaways, and more. Each hero will have different abilities, some with healing skills others have attacking skills.

Watch the gameplay trailer below to have an idea of what the game is all about!


As with lots of Firaxis games, a card-battling system is available. The cards available are all different, some are for attacks others are for moving the environment to get the upper hand. The cards are also upgradable as announced by IGN.

Choose the heroes that will accompany you in your task and make sure that their skills complement the team.

Loot boxes for cards are not available. Skins that are purely cosmetic can be purchased. This won’t affect the gameplay in any way.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns Launch Date


A specific launch date is not available at the moment but it is expected by March 2022.


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