Mass Effect Legendary Edition Graphics Comparison

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Bioware shared a new video that features a comparison in graphics for Mass Effect Legendary Edition versus the original game.

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The Legendary Edition comes with all three Mass Effect games all remastered with improved lighting, assets, textures and models.

Mass Effect Remastered


The new edition also makes the games available for the next-gen consoles PS4 Pro, PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S which means it can now support 4K, HDR as well as 60 FPS.

There are some PC-specific improvements made as well, like 21:9 widescreen support, native controller support, and DirectX 11 compatibility.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition


A comparison video is available for the Original and Remastered version below.





Mass Effect Legendary Edition


The Legendary Edition includes Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 all rolled into one.


This also comes with more the 40 single-player DLCs from all three games. However, this doesn’t come with the multiplayer and multiplayer DLCs of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Vehicle

Source: DSOGaming

There are a lot of improvements done to the Legendary Edition like better weapon balance, controls, camera angles, and AI behavior. An option to join in on elevator conversation is also available, but you also have the option to skip it.

Commander Shephard’s customization controls are streamlined and the Mass Effect 3 default female face can now be accessed in the first two games.




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